Complex dental implants in one day
Improve Your Quality of Life

Neglected teeth affect the quality of our everyday life. They hurt, interfere when we eat and can cause embarrassment in social situations. The easiest and most effective way to deal with deteriorated teeth is to replace them with dental implants in Smile4you Clinic, with a seven year warranty to boot.

Dental implants are titanium cylinders which on them installed ceramic crowns or bridges.
The implants integrate with the bone and serve as strong and durable substitutes for extracted teeth, for many years to come. Smile4you treatments are suitable for everyone: from those who need to replace a single tooth or need an entire set of teeth.

And the really good news: the whole treatment is done in one day!

Internationally renowned experts

Smile4you doctors are the leading experts in Israel and abroad in their specific fields, and it is their reputation that attracts patients from around the world to receive top-notch care in Israel.

After replacing the extracted teeth with temporary crowns, there is a 6 to 8 months waiting period for the implants to integrate with the bone. That time also serves to change gradually liquids to solid foods.

During the waiting period, we keep and provide a follow-up care. Once the implants are well fixed in place, we remove the temporary crowns and our technicians produce permanent ceramic crowns with a long life span.

Care in the full sense of the word

Smile4you doctors and staff treat patients with the outmost professionalism and sensitivity, including patients suffering from dental phobia. Our secret lies in the atmosphere we create and the cooperation we encourage between doctors and patients. All our patients have to worry about is maintaining good oral hygiene.

The final result is a revolution in the patient's quality of life, which means leaving pain behind, eating pain-free and smiling from ear to ear.