Permanent dental implants after substantial bone loss
Permanent dental implants after substantial bone loss
Oral hygiene is crucial for our quality of life. Bad teeth not only hurt, but also turn eating into an ordeal and sometimes may be a source of embarrassment in social situations. As there are not very many dental experts qualified to treat complex cases, such as considerable bone loss, choosing the right dental surgeon and clinic is critical for the success of the treatment.
At Smile4you we know how to deal with the hardest cases and proudly offer a 7-year warranty.

And the really good news: the whole treatment takes a total of one day!

So how do we do it?

The treatment we offer at Smile4you is suitable for everyone – from those wanting to replace a single tooth to those needing an entire set of teeth.

In most cases the cause of bone loss is long term use of dentures, resulting in severe jawbone absorption. Since in such cases, standard implants prove to be ineffective, our expert at Smile4you use basal implants that are inserted into the cheekbone and act as solid, supportive and durable implants.

Patients suffering from bone loss who have unsuccessfully tried to find the right expert or have given up altogether on improving their life quality are urged to contact us. We can help!